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» » » TKActions V6 Panel for Photoshop (Win/Mac) + Tkactions Video Guide
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13 декабря 2017

TKActions V6 Panel for Photoshop (Win/Mac) + Tkactions Video Guide


TKActions V6 Panel for Photoshop (Win/Mac) + Tkactions Video Guide
TKActions V6 Panel for Photoshop (Win/Mac) + Tkactions Video Guide
3+ hrs | Video: 1440x900 | Project files + Tkactions V6 Included | 675 MB

Whats New in TKActions V6 Panel:

Better organized

Four distinct sections (SOURCE, MASK, MODIFY, and OUTPUT) that mirror the mask-making process.

Source menus
New menu design for choosing different pixel data as the starting point for making masks.

Spectrum interface
Updated and compact spectrum interface for choosing different masks.

New masks
Lights-6, Darks-6, and Vibrance.

User-created color masks
Color masks that target specific colors can be generated and converted to Rapid Masks.

Add and subtract masks with ease
Two buttons, Plus(+) and Minus(-), make it so all masks can be added and subtracted just like using a calculator.

Enhanced Layer output button
New pixel layer choices for outputting the current Rapid Mask as a layer mask.

Updated Layer Mask mode
Provides an image-based option to quickly choose or create the best mask by having the mask applied directly as a layer mask on the active layer.

Accent color interface
Only one accent color for the entire module that users can change to whatever they prefer.

Buttons retain an accent-colored shadow after clicking so users can track which mask they last chose.

Requirements: Photoshop CS6 and all version of Photoshop CC, including the most recent CC 2017.

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