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7 апреля 2020

Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack - 4285990

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Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack - 4285990

Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack - 4285990

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Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack for desktop and mobile.
Editing your phone shots and selfies to create adventurous works of art should be simple. That’s why we are thrilled to present the PixelHives Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack 18 color filters for both desktop and mobile apps.
This pack contains 18 custom Lightroom presets, which are very popular and famous effect! These presets were tested and adjusted to give good results for a wide variety of images. Would you like to gain more followers on Instagram? Would you like to find your own style? Don’t know how to start editing in Lightroom? This pack helps you create not just orange & teal effect but also finds your own style because presets are designed in a special way where you can understand how to change tones and create your own style based on adjustments! All presets designed in a way you can simply make adjustments for a specific image!
This Bright Warm Lightroom Presets Pack is designed to bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. 18 Warm White Mobile Lightroom Presets create dreamy bright and mildly warm lighting. This set will give your image an overall bright soft look. It increases contrast, decreases highlights and adds shadows and whites. Increasing clarity it mixes colors in a unique way to create a powerful take on the popular orange and teal.
So if you are an Instagram blogger, influencer or just someone looking to create consistency across all your photos but are having issues editing your images in Lightroom. These Teal and Orange Mobile Lightroom presets will certainly be useful, these are a one-click edit that will take your photos to the next level.


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