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12 мая 2020

100 Sacred Geometry Symbols - 890949

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100 Sacred Geometry Symbols - 890949

100 Sacred Geometry Symbols - 890949


100 Sacred Geometry Symbols
You can see video preview on youtube:
About Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry is thought to have a spirituality and energy about it and it works on the principle that the way things in the natural world are placed and interact with each other has a natural harmony and tranquility. Sacred Geometry harnesses this therapeutic quality for it's users. Based on the creation of the natural environment, Sacred Geometry studies how shapes come together to create a beautiful world and the energy bought about by this creation. Through out history, artists can be seen to to have used the principle of Sacred Geometry in their work. Most often than not, religious building are also designed in line with the principles of sacred geometry and around the idea that shapes and symbols interact with each other to create a spiritual experience. Such places include temples, churches and monuments. However, regardless of your religious preferences you can still utilize the therapeutic quality of Sacred Geometry in a way that suits you.
What you get:
A. 100 Vector Ai Files - Editable Stroke - Recommended for Advanced Adobe Illustrator Users (you can: edit stroke width in Adobe Illustrator , change color, everything its grouped for easy access so you can select lines, circles, dots groups and change color and width to all):
·10 Classic Sacred Geometry Symbols: The Flower of Life, The Fruit of Life, The Seed of Life, The Tree of Life, Metatron's Cube, Sri Yantra, The Vesica Piscis, Star Tetrahedron, Icosahedron, Pentagram
·10 Classic Symbols Modified (same classic symbols but with extra circles and lines to make it more interesting)
·10 Fictional Symbols - concept illustration based on same sacred geometry style: The cat, The Egyptian Scarab, The Eye, The Key, The Leaf, The Owl, The Skull, The Tree, The Turtle, Zen Meditation
·12 Zodiac Signs with Sacred Geometry Look : aquarius, aries? cancer, capricorn, gemini, leo, libra, pisces, sagittarius, scorpio, taurus, virgo.
·58 Abstract Concepts - invented symbols made in similar style with sacred geometry
B. 50 Backgrounds in JPG format 3005x2000px 300ppi. This set of backgrounds contain mostly abstract computer generated images from fractals to universe, nebulas, pyramids, starfields, etc.
C. Alien Fonts in OTF and TTF format:
·Geomalien Font - Geometric Alien Style good for sacred geometry, magic, universe, games, alien projects. Contain A-Z letters, 0-9 Numbers and a few signs.
·Alienglypha Font - Alien Hieroglyphs that are similar with normal letters but still have that Alien look contain A-Z and a-z letters, 0-9 Numbers and a few signs.
D. 100 Vector Ai and Eps 10 Files - Shapes only Recommended for Beginner Adobe Illustrator Users (Same files from point A but converted all strokes in to shapes and saved as AI and EPS 10) - you can change color and resize.
E. 100 Transparent PNG files 4267x4267px 300ppi - available in 2 colors: White and Cutty Sark Blue
F. BONUS FILES: selected files from point A and mixed colors and added background - format Ai, Eps, JPG + some color combination swatches.


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