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25 июня 2020

Medieval Manuscript Creator Kit 4674206

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Medieval Manuscript Creator Kit 4674206

Medieval Manuscript Creator Kit 4674206

Brush | 85 Mb

Medieval Manuscript Creator kit immerses you in the world of the middle ages: the mysterious writings of ancient monks or the ornate decrees of luxurious kings: all this gets closer with this new set of 102 brushes for Procreate.
This large set contains everything you need to create atmospheric old manuscripts: different textures, brushes for beautiful letter inscription, various elements that can be used to decorate your medieval lettering. Among them are natural motifs, elegant ornaments, stylized florishes and courtiers secret signs.
With a set of brushes, you can create a watercolor effect or a denser illumination effect or the effect of tempera paint — all that ancient painters used in their letters and illustration creation.
The main feature of medieval writing was using of gilding, which highlighted particularly beautiful curves of lines or the quirkiness of letter stories.
For that purpose gold paint, special brushes with a brilliant effect, are used. To get this effect right away, use darker colors that will be the backing.
Gothic writing spanned the middle ages and formed the heart of its special style. To feel yourself like a real chronicler, use 8 brushes for Gothic calligraphy, created specifically to imitate the ancient spelling and write your own story. Every letter painter wanted to stand out, propagate down through the centuries. To reflect your personality use strokes, special patterns, and unique elements.
Textures and effects are ideal for adding a more authentic and atmospheric look.
You can use these brush set not only for the medieval, but also for the antique or even magical effect.
How can you use this kit? There just some examples: — draw letters in the traditional folk style — add a touch of the ancient world — quotes from the Bible or other Christian manuscripts — historical notes and sketches from travels and wanderings — mystery novels and stories from grandmothers and grandfathers — hereditary books or books with a genealogy — an epic description of the victories and failures that await on the path of life — record your favorite Troubadour song — quote the divine Comedy of Dante and hang this quote on an empty wall in your favorite office — decorate the title page of your own biography


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