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10 августа 2020

Torn Paper Kit for Procreate 5250282

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Torn Paper Kit for Procreate 5250282

Torn Paper Kit for Procreate 5250282

Brushset | 8 Mb


Torn Paper Kit for Procreate are suitable for various projects, it was created to make your presentation or design more realistic. Torn Paper Kit for Procreate are perfect for blog posts, social media graphics, banners, branding, packaging and scrapbook projects. Use it to create business cards, design moodboards and lookbooks, design beautiful stationery, wedding invitations and more.
15 BRUSHES INCLUDED IN THIS SET 8 paper texture brushes with torn edges + 7 brushes-erasers to create deckle edge effects
-Torn Paper Brushes-
·Torn Paper Texture Brush 01
·Torn Paper Edge 02
·Torn Paper 03
·Torn Paper Round Egde 04
·Torn Paper 05
·Soft Paper Fluffy Edges 06
·Torn Paper Recycled 07
·Torn Paper Canvas Texture 08
-Torn Paper Erasers-
·Smooth Eraser 01
·Sharp Eraser 02
·Sharp Eraser 03
·Smooth Eraser 04
·Sharp Eraser 05
·Soft Eraser 06
·Smooth Eraser 07
How to use Torn Paper Brushes: Select any brush from Torn Paper Brushes and begin to draw in any color you want desired shape. Shape will come already having deckle edges, you do not need to use erasers to reach this effect.
How to use Torn Paper Erasers: Upload any texture (photo, drawing, etc) you want to tear off =), or just create new layer and set desirable color. Go to brush panel and choose Eraser, then go to Torn Paper Kit for Procreate and pick any eraser brush from 7 of them. Now you could erase it, leaving torn edges on your texture.
IMPORTANT: You need iPad Pro, Apple Pencil (or compatible, pressure sensitive Stylus) & Procreate App in order to use this brushes. These brushes DO NOT work in Photoshop or other application.


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