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8 октября 2020

Pillows vol.2: Compositions Mock-ups 5248045

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Pillows vol.2: Compositions Mock-ups 5248045

Pillows vol.2: Compositions Mock-ups 5248045

PSD | 1.8 Gb

Pillows Compositions & Variations Mock-ups Set & Generator
#mocca2go #apparel #mockupsset #generator #gamechanger Replace invaluable time and expensive photosessions with product mock-ups to get what you need in minutes!
The First Fully customized Mock-ups
With White Mocca mock-ups you can truly enjoy countless possibilities. All elements on mock-ups are separated and editable. If you work on advanced, demanding designs and seek for ultra realistic effects, White Mocca will fulfill your needs. Just drag and drop – it’s really simple as that. Let’s create billions of different designs!
You get 12 in 1
One mock-up and so many angles to choose from! Try many different views of the product. Blank products are waiting for your idea. Just drag and drop to put design and make outstanding presentation. Just like that? Sure, just try it.
Speed up & save time!
Set 1 chosen file & get chosen angle There's a faster option, open only chosen angle to work on. It's a single and quick way to fulfill your needs. ‘One click’ and the project is done. Create coherent product photos in just a few minutes. Working on mock-ups has never been easier.
Show it like A True Professional
Now you can present your products the way only the best global e-stores do. Every single mock-up generator was inspired by the best-selling photos and look books online. We follow digital trends and know how online marketing works. Trust us, we’re designers too.
Extremely Beautiful Color
Discover the first mock-ups that helps you create a great image in bright or dark tones and incredible depth of color. You don’t need any additional clicks or switches between different color versions. It all lies in our secret blending method that works phenomenal with all colors.
Your Super Realistic Design
You always wanted to make your designs as realistic as possible. Thanks to White Mocca you can create visuals that are extremely lifelike. Our mock-ups are equipped with the advanced transformation tool (for example: puppet warp transformation). We have created them with the highest precision. That provides an incredibly realistic effect on your visual. Sounds as easy as pie? It is.
Extra Elements You can turn on/off extra elements used in composition. Decide which overlays, background items and decorations you would like to turn off or keep in your presentation. You can change color and gradien background, choose overlays and turn on/off pillows and decorations.
Extra Overlays To make your scene more realistic, You are able to add extra overlays to somposition. You can choose between 8 different kinds of overlays and shadows, which make your artwork outstanding. Turn on/off layers containing extras and prepare pillow presentation as you wish.
Awesome E-marketing tool
Start using mock-ups not only for design but also market researches, prototyping and reviewing. Now you can easily use our mock-up to check your customers’ reaction.
Grab a manual & Go for it
We wanted to make our mock-ups both: beginner- and user-friendly. That’s why we have created a special guide. You will find our special guide inside your White Mocca package after purchasing chosen product. Discover our well-organized layers and how our mock-ups work all in the same way as they have the same structure. As far as you learn to use it, you won’t imagine design without White Mocca. You can also see more instructional movies on our channel.

Always up-to-date With All Products
Stay tuned with all products, offers and discounts! Once you purchase our products, you get our all updates. Check out other products from our collection and write us a note if there’s something you can’t find here but really need. We’ll figure it out.
Let’s sum up all what you get:
·Fully customized mock-ups set
·Many unique angles inspired by the best-selling product photos
·Fast ways of working: automatic on all angles or with chosen angle only. All in one psd file
·Beautiful colors by using secret blending method
·Great quality for high resolution final images
·Isolated and full editable background
·Awesome e-marketing tool
·Easy & user friendly manual for a great start
·Always free updates with All Products
·Realistic design supported with displacement maps attached (in some mock-ups)
What ’s included in the package?
·12 PSD file with all instant shots (This mock-up set includes 12 different angles)
Manual in PDF


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