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"Новый Диск" Цифровая фотография. Секреты успеха (2009)

Когда смотришь на красивую фотографию, безумно хочется научиться создавать такие же шедевры. Но без определенных знаний и умений здесь не обойтись. Все в ваших руках – стоит лишь запастись хорошим самоучителем и терпением!
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Уроки фотографии от Фото Сити

Сборник видеоуроков по фотографии от лучших фотографов украины и мира, а также наилучшие стилисты, модели, звезды!!!

Открой занавес «закадровости»!

Фотография – это модно, интересно и доступно.

С развитием цифровых технологий – фотография стала доступной каждому. Фотоаппарат практически всегда находится у нас под рукой – мобильный телефон, оснащенный камерой, маленькая мыльница, а у кого-то и профессиональная фотокамера.

Фотография – это отпечаток времени.

Наши основные задачи – показать и научить!

Мы предоставим жизнь изображению.

Когда мы смотрим на фотографию, мы видим результат и редко задумываемся над тем кто же все-таки трудился за кадром. А за кадром кипела работа.

Мы покажем Вам то, что происходит «за кадром», кто за ним стоит, что происходит «на кухне» съемочной площадки – это процесс подготовки съемки, создания образов моделей, секреты декора, захватывающий процесс работы фотографа.

Кроме интересной «закадровой» информации, которую Вы получите через общение с участниками съемки, а это фотографы, стилисты, модели, звезды, актеры и т.д., мы также предоставим множество практических советов и полезной информации.

Ведущая – Лилия Ветер, как путеводитель по миру фотографии, сама – фотограф
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Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers 1st Edition

Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers 1st Edition
2010 | Lee Varis | ENG | PDF | E-book | ISBN: 978-1-59863-987-2 | pages 276 |size: 191 MB

Every photographer using a digital SLR camera needs to master exposure in order to achieve the highest quality results in their photographs. "Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers" is a complete guide to both the technical and creative aspects of exposure in digital photography. This guide uses a combination of discussion, examples, and hands-on exercises that lead the reader through a progression of skills development covering the full range of photographic lighting situations. Topics covered include basic metering, outdoor and indoor available light photography, fill flash, night, and low-light conditions, as well as advanced topics like action and sports, close-up, high-key and low-key lighting, multiple light sources. In conclusion, the author shows how to use the Zone System, developed by Ansel Adams for film, with today's digital cameras to achieve stunning results with exceptional tonal range and clarity.
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Perfect Digital Photography, 2nd Edition

Perfect Digital Photography, 2nd Edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 2009 | ENG | PDF | 528 pages | ISBN: 007160166X | 44.9 Mb

Master the art of digital photography

"Jay Dickman and Jay Kinghorn again have brought an insightful book on digital photography based on creating your best digital photographs, regardless of the rapid changes in the digital technology... From cover to cover, this book is filled with priceless information on how to get the great photos, and how to make sure they are your best." --John Knaur, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital SLR, Olympus Imaging America

In this completely updated, full-color work, a Pulitzer Prize-winning National Geographic photographer and an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert guide you through the entire photographic process, from composition to printing and archiving.

The expert techniques inside this masterful guide help you greatly improve both the quality of your photographs and your proficiency in the digital darkroom. Perfect Digital Photography, Second Edition covers the latest technologies, including digital SLR cameras, Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and offers tips for developing an efficient workflow. Stunning color photographs throughout the book show you the results that you too can achieve.
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The Best Of Wedding Photography

| 2005 | Bill Hurter | ENG | PDF | ISBN: 1-58428-154-5 | pages: 128 | size: 62.6 MB

An invaluable resource for all wedding photographers in the digital era, this latest edition serves as both an indispensable guide to digital capture techniques and an impressive collection of the work of the top wedding photographers in the country. Focusing on encouraging the photographer to visualize the final image before lifting a camera, this book begins with a discussion of traditional wedding photography, photojournalistic wedding photography, and emerging styles. Guidelines are provided for using the latest in digital capture technologies, including advice on choosing and operating digital SLR cameras, removable storage media, image sensors, white balance settings, and lenses. Tips from leading outdoor photographers on posing strategies for creating stunning, cohesive wedding albums are also included.
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Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera
Publisher: Amphoto Books | ISBN: 0817432256 | 2009 | PDF | 400 pages | 176 MB

Everything you need to know in one take-anywhere field guide!
This all-in-one guide from renowned photographer, instructor, and author Bryan Peterson will help you take better photos anytime, anywhere–with any camera.
Want to finally understand exposure? Interested in learning to "see" and composing your images more creatively? Ready to master the magic of light? It’s all here, the techniques every amateur photographer needs to take better nature, landscape, people, and close-up photos. You’ll even get creative techniques, like making "rain" and capturing "ghosts," and practical advice on gear, equipment, and postprocessing software. Filled with Bryan’s inspirational photographs, this is the one essential guide for every camera bag.
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Mary DuPrie - Simply Modeling

Mary DuPrie - Simply Modeling
DVDRip / (.mkv) / AVC 720x480 (4:3) 30fps 1000Kbps | 01:40:15 | ENG | 795 Mb

What comes easily to Mary DuPrie is illustrated in every detail in this wonderful two hour video. Every little detail of what makes a good photograph is revealed, and demonstrated over and over. There really are secrets, natural methods and movements, subtle techniques that so many models and photographers have never known about. Now you can model like New York and shoot photographs with tremendous confidence... now you know.
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Richard Koci Hernandez, Multimedia Journalist

Richard Koci Hernandez, Multimedia Journalist
HDRip / Mov / AVC / 960x540 / AAC 48kHz 2ch 128Kbps | 0:52:27 | 2010 | rar | 564 Mb

This installment in the Creative Inspirations documentary series features Richard "Koci" Hernandez, a national Emmy® award-winning video and multimedia producer who is at the forefront of the next generation of journalism. Retracing his steps, Koci shares how he began his obsession with photography and his love of visual storytelling with a trip to the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite. Thirty years and three newspapers later, he finds himself teaching multimedia storytelling at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Koci is known for inventing techniques on the fly, often teaching himself new software just moments before a completing a project and incorporating fresh ideas with stunning results. Koci readily learns as much from his students and blog readers as he teaches them, and openly shares with us his constant journey of discovery.

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English | .mov (QuickTime) | 960x540 (16:9) | 02:33:26 | 1.87 Gb
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Kelby Training: On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart - part 2

Kelby Training: On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart - part 2
ENG | AVC / 854x480 (16:9) / 30.000 fps | 01:19:56 | 2011 | rar | 1.3 Gb

Once again, Scott has teamed up with entertainment photographer Jeremy Cowart to take viewers along on a series of live shoots. Jeremy and Scott walk along the beach in sunny California, looking for inspiration with no pre-determined shots in mind. This course is all about experimentation and being creative with the camera while using a minimal amount of equipment. During the lessons, Jeremy talks about composition, balancing light, working with photography assistants, and how he recognizes what the right images for his clients are. It does not matter what type of photographer you are, everyone will find inspiration in this course.

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Kelby Training: Intimate Landscape Photography / 2011

Kelby Training: Intimate Landscape Photography / 2011
ENG | AVC; 854x480 (16:9); 30.000 fps / AAC LC; 44.1 KHz; 2 ch | 01:04:29 | rar | 492 Mb

Winter is not the most popular season for taking landscape photographs, but Bill Fortney shows us that there is still plenty to capture at his favorite spots in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. While grand landscape photography captures the beauty of a large scene, intimate landscape photography focuses on small, unique parts of that landscape and extracts from the overall scene. During this course, Bill recommends equipment for getting started with landscape photography. He talks about image composition, the importance of texture, and how he uses lines of direction when composing his photos. In later lessons, Bill takes viewers into his digital darkroom to talk about his favorite processing techniques and software. Follow along as Bill teaches photographers how to find, compose, and create wonderful, intimate landscape photographs.

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Kelby Training: Seeing The Light with Eddie Tapp

Kelby Training: Seeing The Light with Eddie Tapp
DVDRip / MOV / MPEG4 Video 877x512 / AAC 22050Hz stereo | rar | 1.4 Gb

The video series follows one of the industry's best photographers as he explains some of his techniques for creating spectacular lighting
Eddie Tapp is an award-winning photographer, lecturer, consultant and author on digital imaging issues. As an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience in computer technology. Eddie has been actively involved in educating and consulting with corporations, studios, and agencies in the applications of digital imaging workflow, color management, pre-press, and digital photography globally. Clients include Epson, Eastman Kodak, Foveon, Polaroid, Apple Computer, The Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Dynacolor Graphics, Marathon Press, H&H Color Lab, CPQ Color Lab, PhotoLogic (Ireland), PGC (Japan), DOD, DOE US Army, US Navy,and other Government agencies along with a list of photographic studio operations
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Lynda - Foundations of Photography: Lenses

Lynda - Foundations of Photography: Lenses
ENG | MOV / AVC / AAC / 960*540/ 2000kbps | 02:33:26 | 2011 | Ben Long | rar | 1.93 Gb

Many of the creative options available to a photographer hinge on an in-depth understanding of lenses. In Foundations of Photography: Lenses, Ben Long shows how to choose lenses and take full advantage of their creative options. The course covers fundamental concepts that apply to any camera, such as focal length and camera position, and shows how to evaluate and shop for DSLR lenses. The second half of the course focuses on shooting techniques: controlling autofocus, working with different focal lengths, and managing distortion and flare. The course also examines various filters and contains tips on cleaning and maintaining lenses.
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Видеоурок "Коррекция ночных фото"

Очередной видеоурок от Евгения Карташова, в котором он поделится с вами эффективным способом удаления шума с ночных фотографий, которым пользуются только профессиональные фотографы.
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KelbyTraining - One Light Lighting

KelbyTraining - One Light Lighting
Flv | ENG | 854x480 | H264 | 29.97fps 789kbps | AAC 128kbps | 612 Mb

У фотографа Jack Reznicki философский взгляд на освещение: если оно доступно, пользуйтесь! В этом курсе Jack начинает с основ понимания света и выяснения того, что свет делает в фотографии. Лучший способ научиться освещению это начать с одиночного источника и научиться им манипулировать.
Jack хочет научить фотографов влиять на количество света без влияния на качество. Техники рассмотренные в курсе включают размещение большого софт бокса, симуляцию солнечного света в студии, использование сетей, рефлекторов и защитных экранов, красивое освещение и изменение температуры света. Это великолепный курс для фотографов начинающих работу в студии. Совет от Jack - не бойтесь совершать ошибки.
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Kelby Training: Shooting Fashion Models On-Location

Kelby Training: Shooting Fashion Models On-Location
Flv / 1200 kbps, 854x480, 29.97 fps | MP3, 128 kb/s, 48 KHz, 2 ch | 01:13:02 | rar | 720 Mb

Fashion photographer Frank Doorhof takes viewers on location with two models to create this photo shoot for Kelby Training. During the videos, Frank talks about why he tries to shoot tethered all the time, the importance of using a color checker, how he directs his models, and how he controls lighting adjustments through the camera and the strobe.
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Контурная резкость - урoк 2 (нетрадиционный алгоритм).

10.5mb | mp4 | 13 мин.| русский

Второй урок от профессионала о работе с фильтром "контурная резкость". Результаты проведенных манипуляций просто потрясающие! Фотографии "оживают" и получают глубину и насыщенность.
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