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    GraphicRiver - Advance Comics Publication Bundle 1180517

    GraphicRiver - Advance Comics Publication Bundle 1180517
    An outstanding traditional and contemporary technique was combined in order to achieve a photorealistic comics art image effects. With this awesome publication bundle, you can create a standard printable comics magazines and books. You can use your images or that of your favorite superheroes. Place your images and edit texts for the magazine/book cover. Furthermore, place your images on different image slots provided in the magazine/book page layouts (that is all!). The actions included in this bundle are very professional and only 1-CLICK is required.
    PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: Advance Comics Publication Bundle | Software version: Photoshop CS5 | Copyright: Dec. 20, 2011 | Items: -PSD files – CSH file – ATN file
    Complexity: 1. Properly grouped and aligned for easy modification. | 2. 100% vector (All texts and shapes are scalable and editable) | 3. Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need.
    Comics action renders two documents: 1. Print-ready CMYK (Only FINAL IMAGE ) | 2. RGB components (Contains FINAL IMAGE and COMPRISING ELEMENTS “TOTAL EDITABLE EFFECTS .”
    ‘This action will duplicate the main document before rendering the image effect thereby leaving your main document (design) intact in case you want to modify it and render it again’.
    Standard Comics Magazine Size: (Live Area: 8.25x10.75”) - Trimmed Size/Main Size: 8.5x11” - Full Bleed Size: 8.75x11.25” (Bleed range used: 0.25”)
    Standard Comics Book Size: (Live Area: 6.375x10”) - Trimmed Size/Main Size: 6.625x10.25” - Full Bleed Size: 6.875x10.5” (Bleed range used: 0.25”) | Print ready // CMYK // 8.5”X11” (0.25 BLEED ) | No rasterized layer // 100% Vector // Unlimited scale-point | Properly grouped for easy modification | Image placement space specified | Suitable and legible fonts | Eyes friendly colors | Pixel dimension: 2625x3375px
    OVERALL ITEMS LIST : 1 Magazine cover template | 1 Book cover template | 3 Pro comics actions | 50 Comics speech custom shapes | 18 Comics sound effects set | 15 Magazine page-layouts | 15 Book page-layouts
    EFFECTS CATEGORY : Major Comic Art | Halftone Comic Art | Traditional Comic Art
    Photoshop PSD | Live Area: 8.25x10.75", Main Size: 8.5x11", Full Bleed Size: 8.75x11.25" | 37.2 Mb
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