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Artbeats - Aerials: Fall Color Aerials HD Vol.2 (1080p)

Вторая часть альбома "Fall Color Aerials HD" (осенние красоты Новой Англии, снятые с вертолёта в движении). 15 клипов.
Для удобства скачивания отдельных клипов, на скриншотах присутствует надпись, соответствующая номеру и названию файла.
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Artbeats - Canadian City Aerials Vol.1

15 клипов с видами канадских городов (Монреаль, Ванкувер, Торонто и Онтарио), снятых с вертолета...

These spectacular Gyron stabilized aerials emphasize the beauty and charm of the Canadian cities of Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ontario. From Canada's most recognizable icon, the CN Tower in Toronto, to the gorgeous Vancouver Harbor, you'll soar over spectacular architectural masterpieces, landmarks, business districts and residential areas. HD collection features a selection of 27 clips.
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Artbeats - New York City Aerials Vol.2 (1080p)

14 клипов с видами Нью-Йорка, снятых с вертолета...
Enjoy a Gyron stabilized, bird's eye view of the city that never sleeps! Along with multiple shots of the Statue of Liberty, you'll view other landmarks such as the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The Manhattan skyline, Central Park and Battery Park make their appearances, and several shots focus on the tragic site of the former Twin Towers at Ground Zero. HD collection features a selection of 28 clips.
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