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YWFT Fluctuant (Variable Font) Font Family

YWFT Fluctuant (Variable Font) Font Family

OTF | 1.8 MB

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YWFT Composite Font

YWFT Composite Font
4 TTF | 1.79 MB
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Ywft Cam Font

Ywft Cam Font
8 TTF | 360 KB

It ain’t good for some fonts to live too long, pilgrim. That’s why YWFT Cam was designed, as a fresh and unique wood-type typeface option for designers. YWFT Cam is a uni-case typeface design but also uses the lowercase to offer alternate design options for your project. The overall style contains a woodblock feel but can be used in more elegant and fashionable projects as well. YWFT Cam was converted to opentype format in 2010.
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Font - YWFT Motown

Font - YWFT Motown
5 TTF | 385 KB

YWFT Motown is a geometric slab serif that contains a total of 5 weights. Although it was intended to be used as a display face, YWFT Motown’s heavier weights can be used effectively for text as well. The angled crossbars and vertically symmetrical slabs give YWFT Motown a unique flair for a font of its class. The implied energy in these features also help give the font an athletic, youthful vibe. And it can also look quite classic when set appropriately for headlines, titles, and identities. YWFT Motown was designed and released by YouWorkForThem in 2009.
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YWFT 6x7 Oct Family - otf

YWFT 6x7 Oct Family
12 otf | 9 Mb
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YWFT Nim Font

YWFT Nim Font
5 OTF | 687 KB

YWFT Nim is all about layering. Bevel effects, outline effects, 3d effects, shadow effects--all are possible and uniquely powerful with YWFT Nim, making for a near-infinite amount of variety and style. Modern and clean, with a nod to architectural forms and figures, YWFT Nim is ideal for striking headlines and posters, and declarative of a strong, individual functionality.
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YWFT Pakt Font

YWFT Pakt Font Family
10 TTF | OTF | 852 KB
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YWFT Agostina Alternate Font

YWFT Agostina Alternate Font
TTF | OTF | 143 KB
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