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Опубликовал: | Теги: Professional Photographer Collection manual

Professional Photographer Collection First Edition 2019

Enjoy a compilation of the very best articles featured in Professional Photography Magazine. From a sharp and honest interview with iconic photographer David Bailey to an interesting conversation between Martin Parr and Sir Don McCullin about McCullin’s career and passion for landscapes. Enjoy beautiful abstract still-life imagery from Paul Kenny, tribal truths through Jimmy Nelson’s work and be inspired by images from one of the world’s most famous photojournalists – Steve McCurry. Take a look at our pick of compelling photography books, as well as some of the latest and most intriguing new cameras. If that wasn’t enough, consider the impact of war photography with us, learn how to brand yourself and how to get website to the top of Google’s rankings.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Photoshop Tips Trick and Fixes manual

BDM's Photoshop Tips, Trick & Fixes Vol.13 2019

Photoshop has been around for over 25 years and in that time it has become the world’s leading image editing application. If you need to make the simplest edits to your photos or create brand new works of art then Photoshop is your one-stop destination. Simply put, if you can imagine it, then Photoshop has the tools for you to make it a reality. If you were to list every feature, function and tool contained within it, you would be left in no doubt why it is as popular amongst photographers and graphic professionals as it is.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Photoshop Elements Manual manual

BDM's Photoshop Elements Manual Vol.19 2019

Use Photoshop Elements to easily organize your photos and videos, make them look amazing with intelligent editing options, turn them into stunning creations, and quickly share your memories.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Adobe Lightroom for Beginners manual

BDM's Adobe Lightroom for Beginners Vol.22 2019

Lightroom may be the professional’s choice for image processing, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach of the beginner. After all, even the highest paid professional photographer had to start somewhere. Learning Lightroom can be fun and we are here to help you
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Опубликовал: | Теги: The Nikon Photography Guide manual

BDM's The Nikon Photography Guide Vol.11 2019

When you pick up a Nikon camera, you hold in your hands a small photographic marvel of electronics and optical engineering. There can be no doubt that technology now gives us amazing equipment with which to shoot and give life to our photographic and creative vision. The trouble is, which one is the perfect camera for you? Let us help you explore the Nikon range of compact cameras, DSLRs, lenses and accessories
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Creative Photography manual

BDM's Creative Photography Vol.23 2019

If you are new to digital photography or if you already have a camera, and want to get more out of this amazing art, our indispensable guide, written by professional photographers, is here to pass on the knowledge you need to get more creative. You will learn how to improve all aspects of your photography skills, giving you the confidence to shoot like a pro and produce images to be proud of.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: The Adobe Photoshop Manual manual

BDM's The Adobe Photoshop Manual Vol.17 2019

If you want to unlock the secrets of professional photomanipulation then The Adobe Photoshop Manual is your one-stop guide to a wealth of tutorials and creative step-by-step projects. From basic principles to more advanced techniques, we show how to get the most from your images, from making simple enhancements to adding creative effects, filters or combining multiple images into exciting new compositions.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Digital Photography - A Guide for Beginners manual

BDM's Digital Photography - A Guide for Beginners Vol.17 2019

If up until now you have enjoyed photography but it has been limited to taking snaps and shooting selfies on your cameraphone, you could be missing out on a whole world of creative possibilities. Taking the next step to becoming a better photographer and moving up into the world of digital SLRs and interchangeable lens camera systems can seem daunting. You might feel that there’s so much to learn and too many techniques to be mastered. Don’t worry, within these pages are many useful tips and guides to get you started; and hopefully we can show you that good photography is easier to achieve than you thought possible.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Photo Editing for Photographers manual

BDM's Photo Editing for Photographers Vol.14 2019

If you want to unlock the secrets of professional photo manipulation look no further! BDM's Photoshop User Guides is your one-stop app giving you instant access to a wealth of tutorials and creative projects. Within you find independent manuals too the key Adobe Photoshop pack-ages, which cover everything from the basic principles to advanced techniques that let you get the most from your images. Whether you’re making simple enhancements, adding creative effects or combining multiple images into exciting new compositions, we’ll show you how.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Comic Artist manual

Comic Artist 7th Edition 2019

Get inspired and start digitally painting your favourite comic characters today! Follow the pros and create your own comic strips and covers, and get inspired with artist interviews and features. In Comic Artist 3 you'll learn the skills to start painting amazing comic art with the help of the best in the business. Follow the professionals, like Dylan Teague and Julian Totino Tedesco, and their step-by-step workshops and you'll soon be painting Thor, Black Panther, Harley Quinn and loads more awesome characters. There's also loads of features and interviews to get you informed and inspire.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Landscape Photography Complete Manual manual

BDM's Landscape Photography Complete Manual Vol.7 2019

As a genre, landscape photography is probably one of the most popular, and for obvious reasons. From coastal scenes to cityscapes and the rural expanses beyond, there are an unending array of subjects both great and small waiting to be captured. The aim of this bookazine is to offer guidance so you capture better images, make the most of your equipment, and in the process, hope you enjoy.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Teach Yourself Macro Photography manual

Teach Yourself Macro Photography 2nd Edition 2019

Open up a whole new world of possibilities with the art of macro photography. Capture tiny things in huge detail and make everyday objects appear larger than life. Teach Yourself Macro Photography covers everything you need to embark on a journey of close-up photography – from the specialist kit required, to picking the perfect subject, shooting creatively and editing to absolute perfection. Inside you’ll find projects that will enable you to shoot artistically and gain inspiration from the talented image-makers that we’ve interviewed. If that wasn’t enough we took some readers on a series of miniature adventures with four professional photographers – they found tiny creatures in Cornwall, photographed with a unique field setup, captured artful water splashes and more. This brand new bookazine will help you get up-close and more than personal with your subjects. Capture ordinary things in an extraordinary way and record tiny details like never before. So, let’s get started!
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Brand Manual 23796224

Brand Manual 23796224

INDD | Print Dimensions:8.5x11 | 79 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: The Complete Photography Manual manual

BDM's The Complete Photography Manual 3rd Edition 2019

Photography has been with us since the 1800s. It actually means ‘drawing with light’ and to become a better photographer, you need to know how to work with light to get those shots. A modern camera can do most of the thinking for you and take a snap, but to turn a snap into a masterpiece, you need to take control of both the camera and the light and understand how they work together.
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Digital Camera - Outdoor Landscape & Nature Photography 10th Edition 2019

Outdoor photography is one of the most rewarding yet challenging areas in which a photographer can specialise. Whether it’s cloudless skies or unpredictable animals; unexpected weather or tricky light conditions, this book is full of guides and projects to help you tackle every subject, from enhancing your landscape shots to improving your wildlife photos. There are plenty of helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the basics right, including how to compose photos and take a panorama. Step-by-step tutorials will also show you advanced techniques for getting the most out of outdoor scenes, from seascapes to country gardens, standing stones to mountaintops. This practical guide also has useful tips for taking shots in all weather and around the clock. As you will need kit that can keep up with the action, we also deliver the verdict on the best accessories for your camera.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Brand Manual Layout with Blue Accents 243531188

Brand Manual Layout with Blue Accents 243531188 INDT

Brand Manual Layout with Blue Accents 243531188 INDT

INDT | CMYK | A4 | 32 pages | 14.1 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: Brand Manual Layout with Yellow Accents 246672271

Brand Manual Layout with Yellow Accents 246672271 INDT

Brand Manual Layout with Yellow Accents 246672271 INDT

INDT | CMYK | A4 | 32 pages | 17.9 MB

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