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Опубликовал: | Теги: Teach Yourself Creative Photography manual

Teach Yourself Creative Photography 3rd Edition 2018

Learn how to take amazing photos with your SLR, and how to get professional results by improving them in Photoshop with our expert image processing techniques. Discover how to take your photography to the next level with over 70 creative photography projects.

Whether you’re a beginner and you want to know the easy techniques for taking professional-looking photos, or you’re a seasoned photographer in need of some inspiration, Teach Yourself Creative Photography has everything you need and more. We’ve packed in hundreds of crucial tricks and techniques that are certain to improve your photography skills. The first chapter provides expert guides to help you master key photography techniques for shooting everything from slow-shutter seascapes that tame raging seas to amazing multiple exposures. Each of these projects focuses on how to set up your equipment to capture the photos, along with photo-editing tips to create finished pictures that are good enough to hang on your wall. Chapter two is packed with tutorials that you can follow in Photoshop Elements, while chapter three moves onto its more advanced big brother Photoshop CC.
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BDM's - Outdoor Photography Complete Manual Vol. 7 2019

Grab your camera and head outside. What’s stopping you from enjoying photography in the great outdoors? Whether it’s just in your back garden, or out in the rugged countryside, this essential guide has all the hints, tips and project guides you need to free up your creativity and get more out of your outdoor photography. From the most intimate macro shots, to great landscapes, it’s all here.
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Digital Photographer Annual Vol.5 2018

With the soaring accessibility of image-sharing platforms, the popularity of digital photography shows no sign of waning. We all want to see the awe-inspiring sights, treasured memories and stunning compositions of our family and friends. But whether you are a grass roots amateur, an aspiring expert or even a paid professional, there are always new tricks to be learned. Digital Photographer Annual collates all of the best advice for newbies and veterans looking to realise their creative ambitions. Start by discovering shooting secrets from top pros, before finding inspiration from seasoned professionals who specialise in fields varying from wildlife to travel. Next, our in-depth guides tackle techniques – perfect your portraiture with key posing advice, get to grips with music photography, capture stunning black and white imagery, learn to identify patterns and shapes in the environment, and more. Follow our step-by-step shooting and editing tutorials and find out how to take your best imagery yet. Lastly, learn how to overcome the competition with insightful career advice that illuminates alternative avenues for growing your profile as a professional photographer.
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Teach Yourself Studio Photography First Edition 2018

Studio photography is one of the most intimidating photographic pursuits. It requires you to not only be a master of your camera, but also have knowledge about lighting, setup and more. The results that can be achieved with a simple but solid studio setup can look impressively high-end and professional. Once you have mastered the basics, studio photography is effortless. The combination of considered and purposeful lighting together with great subjects and a decent camera is pure magic. Teach Yourself Studio Photography will guide you through all of the essential kit that you need in order to make your studio work – from lighting and backgrounds to powerful workstations for seamless editing. Delve into our jam-packed features and discover what to consider when setting up a home studio, learn more about professional studios and find out how to shoot like a pro too. If that wasn’t enough, we look at how to shape the light, shoot the human form and capture stunning newborn imagery. To make sure your skills are up to scratch we’ve also included 12 in-depth shooting tutorials that will help you get creative in the studio, capture food, still life, stunning portraits and so much more.
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BDM's - The Black & White Photography Guidebook Vol.5

It remains an almost magical and timeless medium. Even in this full-colour modern world, its popularity is undiminished, with those new to it being captivated by its simplicity and power. The Black & White Photography Guidebook was created with the simple aim of introducing you to the world of black and white photography, and as a result, we hope you will enjoy new levels of artistic scope.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Teach Yourself Wildlife Photography manual

Teach Yourself Wildlife Photography Third Edition 2018

Discover tips for garden wildlife, photographing in zoos, bird portraits and bugs, safaris; location shoots for deer, seals, puffins and butterflies; and a selection of inspiring images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: The Complete Lightroom Manual manual

BDM's The Complete Lightroom Manual Vol.12 2018

Learn how to improve both your photography and photo editing skills! Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a must-have program for photographers both amateur and professional. It’s vast range of features and added extras are head and shoulders above the competition; but despite its expansive image editing capabilities, it’s still a friendly and easy to use program. There’s plenty here to sink your teeth into and with the help of this book you can unleash the power of Lightroom and your imagination to create some spectacular photos. 100% unofficial.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Margaret Brown Landscape Photography manual

Margaret Brown - Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography - от Margaret Brown пособие для фотографов, посвященное съемке пейзажей.
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Manual Font Family

Manual Font Family

OTF | 9.7 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: BDM Canon Camera Manual manual

BDM's The Complete Canon Camera Manual Vol.8 2018

Canon have become one of the leading developers of imaging technology since their humble origins as an optics manufacturer in 1933. They now boast a class leading range of cameras, lenses and accessories that are used by amateurs and professionals the world over. If you are looking to dip your toe into the world of photography, or you are interested in upgrading, then this manual has a wealth of information on the range available, to help you make a better informed choice as to what is right for you.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Teach Yourself Macro Photography manual

Teach Yourself Macro Photography 2018

Open up a whole new world of possibilities with the art of macro photography. Capture tiny things in huge detail and make everyday objects appear larger than life. Teach Yourself Macro Photography covers everything you need to embark on a journey of close-up photography – from the specialist kit required, to picking the perfect subject, shooting creatively and editing to absolute perfection. Inside you’ll find projects that will enable you to shoot artistically and gain inspiration from the talented image-makers that we’ve interviewed. If that wasn’t enough we took some readers on a series of miniature adventures with four professional photographers – they found tiny creatures in Cornwall, photographed with a unique field setup, captured artful water splashes and more. This brand new bookazine will help you get up-close and more than personal with your subjects. Capture ordinary things in an extraordinary way and record tiny details like never before. So, let’s get started!
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The Digital Video Book 2018

There was a time, not so long ago, when film and video making was left solely to the professionals – the kit was hefty and cameras came with large price tags. However, the advances in technology over recent years have made video production more accessible than ever before. Whether you are a DSLR, CSC or professional video camera user, The Digital Video Book has something for you. Discover what kit you’ll need in order to embark on your first shoot – from the camera itself to supports, lighting and more. Find out how best to approach your preproduction, learn how to location scout, get more creative with your camera and master post-production too. If that wasn’t enough we’ve explored the main film genres to help you develop your very own distinctive style; including film noir, horror, western, war and sci-fi. If the real world is more your thing, we’ve also looked at how to shoot a wedding, wildlife and how to make a documentary. So pick up your camera, grab your shot list and start making your video today!
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Nikon for Beginners manual

Nikon for Beginners 2018

Just got your first Nikon camera? Or looking to buy one soon? Maybe you’re just hoping to improve your camera skills and get back to basics. Nikon for Beginners is a 180-page guide containing everything you need to know to get to grips with your Nikon DSLR and take better pictures. Being good at the basics will help you improve quicker at the harder stuff as you progress later. We’ve included an in-depth guide to Nikon camera functions as well as informative explanations about settings and shooting technique. Learn to capture stunning landscapes, perfect portraits and sharper shots. Follow our in-depth step-by-step tutorials on everything from composition to simple studio setups, macro and so much more. If that wasn’t enough delve into our troubleshooting section where we identify common mistakes and how to fix them.
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Brand Manual

Brand Manual

INDD | 210(w) x 297(h) cm | 2.95 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: Brand Manual 21418602 indd

GR - Brand Manual 21418602

GR - Brand Manual 21418602

INDD | Print Dimensions:8.5x11 | 11 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: GR Brand Manual 21414213

Brand Manual 21414213

Brand Manual 21414213

INDD | Print Dimensions:210x297 | 24.8 MB

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Опубликовал: | Теги: Street Photography by Margaret Brown manual

Street Photography by Margaret Brown

Street Photography provides expert advice on the best types of cameras and lenses for street photos, with handy shooting tips on all aspects of the genre and website links to the world’s best street photography. The book includes easy to follow techniques, from zone focusing, framing, single-frame/burst capture, positioning, timing, and 4K movie options, through to the aesthetics and practicalities of colour versus B&W, and how to develop your own street photography style. Street Photography author is highly respected Photo Review Australia technical editor Margaret Brown.
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