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ThemeForest - Breek v3.5.7 - Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress - 24031994 - NULLED

Breek is a super modern Blog focused on high speed and vivid colors, the theme fits perfectly any kind of blog specially personal, resources, freebies or biography blogs. It is super light, this fast theme was made with multiple techniques to achieve excellent Scores on Google, also we keep in mind the code quality and SEO. It is easy to use and customize. Includes 11 customs widgets and a powerful theme options panel to make easier the administration. Breek has AMP and RTL support and it is multilanguage, includes: Turkish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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Photoshop Top Secret Complete Course DVD

Photoshop Top Secret Complete Course DVD (4DVD & Bonus DVD)
Flash Video | 968x545 | Duration: N/A | English: MP3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 18.85 Gb

Photoshop Top Secret - это сборник видеоуроков, который позволяет вам перейти на новый уровень освоения Фотошоп.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: ZBrush ZModeler Tutorials

[ZClassroom] ZBrush ZModeler Tutorials [ENG-RUS]

Представляем самый последний инструмент, который был добавлен в ваш рабочий процесс, кисть ZModeler! Эта кисть направлена конкретно на низкополигональное моделирования, но не ограничивается лишь этим. Основываясь на стандартных методах низкополигонального моделирования, мы разработали всё в рамках одной кисти, которая позволит вам не только доступ ко всем функциям создания низкополигональных мешей, но и интуитивно развивает рабочий процесс с применением кисти. Некоторые из функций этой кисти включают многократное добавление и удаление лупов, создание фаски, выдавливание сложных поверхностей, модификатор сглаживания, сшивания отверстий и поверхностей, и многое другое. Пожалуйте в наш класс, чтобы узнать все, что вам нужно, чтобы начать использовать этот инструмент!
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Illustrator CS6 One-on-One Fundamentals tutorials

Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals

ENG | AVC 960x540 / AAC 48kHz 1-2ch 96-128Kbps | 9:19h | 1090Mb
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Опубликовал: | Теги: InDesign CS6 tutorials pdf

Real World Adobe InDesign CS6

Pdf | Eng | ISBN: 978-0321834614 | 900 Pages | 51.3 Mb
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Detailed icons set #8 - 25 Eps

25 Eps | + Jpg Preview | 257 Mb
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Photoshop Tutorials - Getting Under the Skin with Virtual Tattoos in Photoshop

1280x720(.flv) | Аудио: mp3 92 Кбит | 1h 31м | 1.69 ГБ
| 15 января 2014 года |
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Digital Art Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials

Digital Art Tutorials – Photoshop Tutorials (Vol. 1-15)

Digital Art Tutorials – Photoshop Tutorials (Vol. 1-15)
English| Project + BIN + ISO + MOV Files| 7.87GB
Genre: Video Training
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Photoshop Tutorials Men Portrait Retouching Techniques

Photoshop Tutorials - Men Portrait Retouching Techniques

Photoshop Tutorials - Men Portrait Retouching Techniques by Amy Dresser
format MP4 | English | 1052x794 | 2hrs 30min | 1.38 Gb
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible tutorials book

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible
Pdf | Wiley & Sons, Inc | Lisa DaNae Dayley / Brad Dayley | Eng | 1104 Pages | 2012 | Isbn 978-1-118-12388-1 | 74.49 Mb

This book is really designed to be a desktop reference, but it offers more than just a quick description of the tools and features. We have incorporated examples designed to guide you through various techniques, provide our experience in tips and suggestions, and try to give you a jumpstart on how to leverage the features in Photoshop.The specific purpose of this book is to provide you with the understanding you need to get the very best results. So sit back, load up Photoshop, and enjoy the ride!
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Corel Painter issue 23 tutorials magazine

Corel Painter issue 23

Corel Painter issue 23
Pdf | Eng | 77 Pages | - | № 23 | 26.89 Mb

For many of us, this time of year is cold and rainy. Brad Sutton shows us how to take inspiration from the weather with a tutorial on creating reflective, rainy cityscapes on page 30. And if you want to populate those city streets with people, we present our complete guide to figure drawing on page 20 to get you started on the principles of anatomy and action. Many of these techniques were discovered by the Florentine Old Masters, and so on page 46 Joanna Michalak helps us to brush up our classical education and paint like one of the golden ages of art: the Italian Renaissance. On page 36, Anne Pogoda takes the mystery out of creating and applying your own patterns in Painter. Our Output tutorial this issue shows you how to create an Advent calendar, and you’ll find children’s illustrator Sue Woollatt’s delightful winter scene on the disc ready for printing.
Enjoy your painting!
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Corel Painter issue 21 tutorials magazine

Corel Painter - issue twenty-one

Corel Painter - issue twenty-one
Pdf | Eng | 79 Pages | - | № 21 | 34.66 Mb

For many of us, the nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting colder. Take some inspiration from the changing seasons with our Art Study on p52, in which Cat Bounds explores the rich palettes and textures of autumn leaves. Elsewhere, Zhu Hai Bo creates an unexpected image in the style of artist Chiang Yee, bringing together an icon of the English landscape and the deft, subtle touches of Chinese ink painting on p58. By contrast on p38, reader Judy Misquitta shows us how to liven up Painter’s pastel brushes with an explosion of kaleidoscopic colour. Meanwhile, Tim Shelbourne has handled our Paint Like tutorial this issue, exploring the painting techniques developed by one of the world’s greatest and most inluential artists: Pablo Picasso. Whatever brushes you use there’s something for everyone in our Drawing 101 guide to acrylics (p66) and in our massive ten page feature on customisation, in which Jeff Johnson shows us some of the best brushes to
use and adapt when creating landscapes (p20).
Enjoy your painting!
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Web Typography tutorials book

Great Web Typography

Great Web Typography
Pdf | Willey Publishing | Peck W. | Eng | 338 Pages | 2003 | Isbn - | 53.67 Mb

"I’m betting you’ll be as glad as I am to have this on your shelf!"–Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite and TopStyle When it comes to great Web sites, looks really ARE everything…
When you design a page for print, you control the size of the paper and the placement of the elements. But on the Web, the size, resolution, fonts, and even the layout of your page can vary with the browser and the system used to view your site. In this lavishly illustrated guide, Web designer Wendy Peck shares the secrets the professionals use to resolve those problems and create eye-catching Web typography that looks as good when viewed with Explorer 4 on a vintage PC as with Netscape 7 on a flat-screen iMac.
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Опубликовал: | Теги: Photographers's Guide Photoshop tutorials

Photographers's Guide to Photoshop 3rd edition

Photographers's Guide to Photoshop 3rd edition
Pdf | Eng | 148 Pages | 2013 | № 3 | 22.42 Mb

With updated information to include the latest updates in Photoshop, this MagBook, created by photographers for photographers, is vital for anyone looking to master Photoshop’s basic and advanced editing tools and features. After mastering the basics you’ll benefit from the expert written step-by-step instructions across a variety of Photoshop artistic techniques, including creating x-ray images and graphic art effects, adding texture and creating captivating montages, guaranteed to help you turn your images into striking pieces of art!
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Retro and Vintage Labels - Vector Set #7

5 EPS | 29 Mb
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Опубликовал: | Теги: tutorials yoga sequence charts

Yoga Asana Sequence Charts

Yoga Asana Sequence Charts

PDF | 24 sheets | 19.8 Mb
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Опубликовал: | Теги: OneLight Workshop DVDRip tutorials photo

OneLight Workshop - 2 DVD

OneLight Workshop - 2 DVD
Avi | Eng | OneLight | 2007 | Author: Zack Arias | Photo Light | 1:56 + 1:40 | 638.65 + 722.36 Mb

In the nearly 4 hour long set of DVD's I go over philosophy, gear, exposure, modifiers, application of it all, how I compose images, what I'm looking for in a photo, what I like, what I don't like, how things go really well, how things start to suck very quickly, how to interact with clients, how to get kicked out of not just one location but two locations, and, most importantly, how to deal with a group of drunk girls out on the street.

Профессионал в области освещения Zack Arias представляет полный курс по освещению в фотосьемке. Вы узнаете как с помощью вспышки, простых зонтиков и софтбоксов сделать прекрасные снимки. Действительно мощный курс (это одно из тех немногих видео, по которым можно четко писать конспекты - упорядочено в соответствии со всеми канонами преподавания любого материала), который и без перевода вполне понятен, всем, кто хоть немного увлекается фотографией..
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